Selected Reading (Wednesday)

January 14, 2009 at 8:46 am | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

Yeah, I’m still being crap. Sorry. I’ll write something soon, but until then…

  • The TUC’s ToUChstone Blog has a number of good posts pondering the government’s social mobility white paper.
  • Daniel Finkelstein doesn’t think ‘cruel, but efficient’ is going to be a winning election slogan for the Tories.
  • Johann rails against the unfairness of the ‘internship scam’
  • Chris Dillow warns that recessions make us nastier, meaner, more racist and more criminal. Oh, lovely.
  • On ‘Pakigate’, Patrick Strudwick wonders why the media ignored Prince Harry’s homophobic remarks.
  • A fanatic even by Papal standards: by explicitly trying to convert Jews, Pope Benedict is single-handedly undoing about 50 years worth of inter-faith reconciliation.
  • Joseph Romm assesses how Congress’ ‘Green Stimulus’ is shaping up.
  • Over at Ornicus, Dave Neiwert reports on more of the race hate incited by the far-right in the aftermath of Obama’s victory.
  • Spencer Ackerman summarises Hillary Clinton’s Senate confirmation hearing
  • And a Romanian quiz show host goes barmy after no viewers called in.

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