Adventures in self-promotion

January 21, 2009 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Blogging about blogging | 1 Comment

So I suppose I should say a brief word about this. The ironic thing about being entered for this prize is I can be so self-critical that there are days when I hate my own writing, never mind regarding myself as fit or qualified to win something named after the great man. This isn’t a new thing, either; I used to get that way when I wrote for Pitchfork, DrownedInSound and, yes, even The Barnsley Chronicle.

So what, I hear you ask, could’ve possibly possessed this slightly neurotic, self-defeating 24-year-old to enter in the first place? I think curiosity played a part, plus the fact that I overcame the self-doubt to even enter probably counts as a victory for confidence-building.

Anyway, whilst I can think of several bloggers whose names should also have been in contention (Unity, septicisle and Dave Semple immediately spring to mind), there are a considerable number of very fine writers on that list, including several I’d never seen before.

But just for the record, if I was judging this award and had to do so according to the criteria the judges had set, my vote would’ve gone here.


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  1. Good luck Neil!

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