Shorter Christian Voice:

January 22, 2009 at 9:51 am | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

‘The Advertising Standards Authority only dismissed our complaint about the ‘the atheist bus adverts’ because it’s run by a bunch of poofs.’

‘On ‘taste and decency’, the ASA have simply taken a subjective decision to dismiss the complaints of offensiveness. On planet ASA, complaints from people of faith are not given the same weight as those from secularists. But what do you expect when the ASA Council is appointed and run by a campaigning homosexual, Chris, Lord, Smith of Finsbury?

By the way, that example of ‘homosexual campaigning’ they refer to was when Smith ‘came out’ at a protest meeting against Rugby town council’s plans to ban gays from the workplace. That was nearly 25 years ago!

Anyway, the ASA’s decision to allow atheists to advertise their hopeless, sinful creed is clearly a dark day for civilisation:

‘We always knew the ASA was just another tool of the politically-correct secularist establishment, but here’s the proof. Their ruling is just another example of how the deck is stacked against Christians today, and the Church needs to wake up to the anti-Christian agenda right now. If Christian don’t start standing up soon, we shall see religious liberties trampled on, and the secularists will take us further down the road to their hell on earth.’ (emphasis mine)

It’s true. In fact, we even have our own an secularist anthem. I pray that Stephen Green isn’t a Chris Rea fan:

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