The big let down?

February 3, 2009 at 11:47 am | Posted in Barack Obama | 2 Comments

For someone who likes to spend his time subjecting the ‘dead tree press’ to much scrutiny & scorn, you’d think Guido would be the last blogger to succumb to crappy reporting. Not today, folks:

The Guardianistas will have to revert to anti-Americanism, the Messiah is a very naughty boy. Sure he is closing Gitmo, but he isn’t going soft on the War on Terror the Networks of Terror Inducers. Fresh from signing the Executive Order barring former lobbyists from joining his Administration, he exempted a Raytheon defence contractor lobbyist, allowing William Lynn to become Deputy Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon – his old customer base. Obama has signed a few Executive Orders which, it is widely reported in the U.S. press, authorise and expand on the policy of extra-ordinary rendition.

Well, if the globe’s Guardianistas really do visit his establishment seeking Absolute Truth, I guess they’re all either choking on their bruschettas or assuming the foetal position & muttering “that’s not change we can believe in”. If, on the other hand, these Guardianistas happen to enjoy reading, they might’ve come across this, this, this or this. Or, if the written word’s a bit too unwieldy, they might’ve found this helpful little video. Here’s Harpers’ Scott Horton, who knows a thing or two about this kind of thing:

The Los Angeles Times just got punked. Its description of the European Parliament’s report is not accurate. (Point of disclosure: I served as an expert witness in hearings leading to the report.) But that’s the least of its problems. It misses the difference between the renditions program, which has been around since the Bush 41 Administration at least (and arguably in some form even in the Reagan Administration) and the extraordinary renditions program which was introduced by Bush 43 and clearly shut down under an executive order issued by President Obama in his first week.


In the course of the last week we’ve seen a steady stream of efforts designed to show that Obama is continuing the counterterrorism programs that he previously labeled as abusive and promised to shut down. These stories are regularly sourced to unnamed current or former CIA officials and have largely run in right-wing media outlets. However, now we see that even the Los Angeles Times can be taken for a ride.

And so the quest to find Obama’s Great Liberal Betrayal goes on. For some people, the wait is proving too much to bear.



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  1. Crappy reporting? On Guido’s site? Surely not. I’m shocked!

  2. Heh. I’m sure it’ll never happen again!

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