Obamafying Israel

February 5, 2009 at 8:44 am | Posted in Barack Obama, International | Leave a comment

Haaretz has a pretty humerous take on how the Israeli elections are seeing the most unlikely parties adopting the President’s campaign platitudes of Hope! and Change!

Gone are geometrically-sound Stars of David of royal blue on white. This election’s banners seems to all be cut from the same cloth, with identical sky blue Stars of David billowing as if thrust upon the winds of change, with headshots of party leaders looking off pensively, full of hope, floating out of the cotton ball backdrop like old friends in a fever dream.

Even the right-wing National Union party has adopted the same robin’s egg blue Stars of David and fuzzy white backdrop motif, with Aryeh “MK least-like Obama” Eldad gazing westward off camera, promising a return to Zionism, return being a sort of change, in a way, maybe.

The most obviously mimicked and plagiarized aspect of the Obama tale has been the appropriation of the “Yes, we can” slogan so central to BHO’s campaign. Starting months ago, the Shas party was the first and most blatant to claim the slogan, plastering buses across the country with the Shas logo and “Yes, we can!” in Hebrew.

This campaign was presumably driven by the assumption that when people think of “Hope” and “change” and groundbreaking presidential campaigns, they think of the inclusiveness and progressiveness of the ultra-Orthodox Sephardi party, the party that brought you “gays cause Earthquakes” and “secular IDF soldiers are killed” because they aren’t observant.

Yeah, Obama possibly should’ve pointed out during the campaign that there is some change you can’t believe in.


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