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April 15, 2009 at 10:04 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

(Photo pinched from The Guardian)

I spent a few hours at Hillsborough this afternoon, which explains the lack of proper posting. It’s strange; for years, I’ve lived under the assumption that the tragedy of twenty years ago was something people here had chosen to either forget or misremember. Seeing the number of local people leaving flowers, flags and scarves at the memorial and the entrance to Leppings Lane – some of them kids who weren’t even alive 20 years ago – proved that I should’ve known better. It was an incredibly moving afternoon.

Anyway, here’s a few links:

  • Still on Hillsborough, Sunder has a lovely personal reflection, and Dan at The Third Estate provides a Liverpudlian perspective. Whilst I was still on holiday, I caught Saturday’s special edition of Football Focus on the anniversary. It’s a useful – and frequently touching – reminder of what was lost, and I’ve embedded the video on my Tumblr site.
  • Reacting to the news that the government wants to introduce compulsory volunteering for teenagers, Stuart Dakers argues that young people don’t owe society anything.
  • Slate asks: why did the White House give the Washington Post the ‘scoop’ on the Obama dog story? I ask: why did they get such a weird-looking dog? And why would journalism consider the dog story a scoop in the first place??!
  • Danger Room reports that there have been 20,000 civilian murders since the start of the Iraq war.
  • Elections have consequences: Israel’s new Foreign Minister, the seriously odious Avigdor Lieberman, is not welcome in Egypt.
  • Folks at the Washington Independent went to take pictures of the right-wing ‘tea parties’ in DC. In case you’re interested, this is by far my favourite placard. Don’t know what all this ‘tea party’ fuss is about? Rachel Maddow will explain.
  • And Elizabeth Dickinson explains Ron Paul’s rather unique plan for fighting piracy.

Lastly, I’ve fiddled with the blog layout a bit and put myself on Twitter. Yes, I’m a complete sell-out.


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