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April 27, 2009 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

Because Monday evenings never make for good bloggin’:

  • Reacting to the sinking of the plans for Titan prisons, David Ramsbotham argues that now is the time for prison reform.
  • Mark Easton discusses Britain’s treatment of the children of asylum seekers.
  • Juan Cole tries to reassure some of the worried hand-wringers on Pakistan.
  • Bernard Finel argues that Afghanistan is irrelevant.
  • The NYT has a sad story about mounting attacks on Hungary’s gypsy population.
  • Kristin Bricker has a very long but worthwhile piece on the drug war in Mexico.
  • Israel will be calling this global flu outbreak ‘Mexico flu’ rather than ‘swine flu’. Why? Because pigs aren’t kosher. No, this isn’t a wind-up.
  • It didn’t take long before the conspiracy theorists started claiming that this outbreak was actually created by bioterrorists.
  • And say what you like about Hillary Clinton (and I could say plenty), but this heartfelt defense of women’s reproductive freedom is very impressive.

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