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April 29, 2009 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

Y’all have my apologies if there aren’t too many words typed over the next few days. I’ll hopefully get some more time over the weekend.

  • If you only click one of the links on this list, make it Aida Edemariam’s piece on Sean Hodgson, a man who served 27 years in prison before his conviction was quashed.
  • Also click-worthy is Al Giordano’s piece on the spread of swine flu, and the suspicion that bad (ie cheap) farming practices might’ve been to blame.
  • Mark Easton asks whether it’s time to abolish compulsory retirement.
  • Joshua Foust writes about the response to the Taliban among ordinary Pakistanis.
  • Nicholas Schmindle knows how to save Pakistan.
  • Joshua Keating describes how the Obama administration is trying to work around Congressional restrictions on how it deals with Hamas.
  • We’re apparently halfway to causing the really, really bad type of climate change.
  • James Hrynyshyn asks whether we’re seeing the beginning of the end for coal.
  • Geoffrey S. Corn is sceptical about whether the authors of the torture memos could have a successful prosecution brought against them.
  • And one day we’ll all live in a Camera Obscura video:

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