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May 12, 2009 at 9:50 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment

Sigh. So much for the whole ‘I’m going to write lots & lots this week’ thing; you should just never believe a word I say. Well, except when I say that you should click these links:

  • The Times runs a piece on the BNP’s presence in Barnsley. No mention of flat caps & whippets, thankfully, but I don’t suppose we’ll be using it to attract tourists.
  • Laurie Penny takes on PETA’s woeful advertising campaign.
  • Sunder Katwala ponders Gordon Brown’s keynote speech on crime.
  • Adult learning has dropped to its lowest level since Labour came to power.
  • Glenn Greenwald savages the Obama Administration’s conduct over the Binyam Mohamed affair. Andrew Sullivan despairs.
  • Marc Lynch has some notes on how the administration should approach Israel-Palestine. Rami G Khouri reminds us that Obama’s stance is still unclear.
  • Mexican legislators have voted to decriminalise drug possession, but all isn’t as it seems.
  • And as a reward for producing this thin sliver of a blogpost, I’m now going to subject you to some whispery, folky, beardy balladeering. Really, I’m a good host.

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