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May 22, 2009 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Misc. | 3 Comments

This will be an intermission of sorts. I’m visiting a friend in Edinburgh tomorrow, so you probably won’t hear anything from me ’til Tuesday. Well, either that or I’ll be blogging to stave-off the boredom of the train journey, but I really should spend that time reading things with pages, rather than hyperlinks. Anyway, speaking of hyperlinks:

  • If you’re a teacher, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do to badmouth your colleagues and pupils on Twitter.
  • Mike McNabb highlights some quite dreadful comments by Phil Woolas on asylum/immigration, while Frances Webber savages Labour’s recod to immigration.
  • The headline tells you everything: Disabled prisoners unable to shower or bathe for months.
  • Michael Keating ponders Benjamin Netanyahu’s dilemma.
  • Andrew Sullivan pens a superbly-written response to Barack Obama’s national security speech.
  • Over at Hagley Road to Ladywood, Claude wishes Morrissey a happy birthday.
  • Guardian readers recommend songs about the future.
  • Popmatters takes a highbrow look at the new Star Trek film.
  • And a third Ghostbusters movie is one haunted footstep (sorry!) closer to being a reality. Let’s hope they don’t spook us (yeah, I now) by making it really bad.

And after that punning car-crash, you’re probably glad to see the back of me. Catch you later.

Photo by Extra Medium (Creative Commons)



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  1. Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  2. Мне кажется очень полезная штука.

  3. Млин, спамеры просто достали уже этим своим примитивом!

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