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June 1, 2009 at 7:12 pm | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
  • There’s a few note-worthy takes on the murder of George Tiller. First, Ann Friedman describes how President Obama should react to the violence & intimidation of abortion providers.
  • Michelle Goldberg wonders whether this is just an opening salvo from the eliminationist factions of the right.
  • DailyKos diarist Lorree notes that Tiller wasn’t just an abortionist.
  • And in Salon, Gabriel Winant reminds people about Bill O’Reilly’s habit of targeting Tiller for personal attacks.
  • Elsewhere, since loads of people are out of work, there’s a huge increase in volunteering.
  • Related slightly to my post on social care from a few days back, Annalisa Barbieri wonders what would happen if we provided the care for our ageing parents.
  • Paul Krugman reassesses the Reagan era in the context of our current economic woes.
  • Marc Lynch has another must-read about the Obama administration’s approach to Israel-Palestine.
  • In The Times, Caroline Scott revisits Gloucester, Massachusetts, where a spate of teen pregnancies gave the small town national media attention.
  • And this Ariane Sherine piece is just brilliantly funny.


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  1. Lucky bastard that went with Ariane Sherine, eh?

    I got dead jealous reading it!

  2. I’ll have you know, asquith, that this is a respectable blog, and I’m far too busy reproducing bar charts showing public attitudes to social care to indulge in such carnal jealousy….

    …and yes, the blogger doth protest too much. I’m a crap liar. ;-)

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