Selected Reading (15/06/09)

June 15, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
  • The Boston Globe has a round-up of the best pictures from the Iranian uprising.
  • For the best news & analysis, you need only visit The Daily Dish. Andrew Sullivan’s been doing an incredible job using his site as a portal for everything from the minutae to the bigger picture. Just watch out for the occasional splattering of hyperbole.
  • Back in Blighty, the elderly might have to pay £12,000 for the care they receive.
  • Ben & Justin point out that the ‘independent inquiry’ into Iraq is just all kinds of wrong.
  • Over at Ornicus, Sara Robinson issues an impassioned plea to the US right wing: put up or shut up.
  • Great news for fans of potatoes: it seems the humble spud has played a vital role in the Iranian uprising.
  • Pro-democracy activists have a new weapon in their arsenal: co-ordinated hacking of Iran’s government websites.
  • Joshua Foust reminds us that Iran isn’t the only place which is rioting, and discusses the situation in Georgia.
  • And Slate takes a look at how much money states might get if they legalised marijuana


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  1. Andrew Sullivan has indeed delivered the goods. But I think it is also worthwhile to bear Larison’s rebuke in mind.

    I agree that Obama shouldn’t go in all guns blazing & proclaim his support for Mousavi. Firstly, Mousavi himself isn’t anything like liberal or secularist enough & is actually far too establishment for my liking. I still wanted him to win as he is the best we’re likely to get from Iran now, & also even those who hate the regime will naturally be patriots who may well want nukes & that.

    Secondly, we must not allow the opposition to Ahmedinejad, which is a naturally arising movement of the Iranian people, to be portrayed as a tool of the west, given that allowing Ahmedinejad to do this will be counterproductive as it would rally people who would otherwise be opposing him, & doesn’t he just deserve to be opposed given what a total cunt he is.

    We may be reduced to doing nothing more than quietly supporting the opposition & hoping for the end of the regime as any efforts by us would do more harm than good.

    I do feel like a tosser writing this out as I obviously hate Ahmedinejad & have the good of the Iranian people at heart, so I’d like to “do something”, but grandstanding by western governments doesn’t strike me as a way of bringing that about. Let us hope that Iranians find their own solution & end up getting what they want & what they deserve. A “counter-revolution” would not cause me to shed any tears.

  2. Tosser or not, I agree with that almost entirely. The only thing I worry about with Obama’s quiet approach is that it may ultimately be futile. I would love to be wrong, but I’m not holding out too much hope for revolution or even re-elections, and whilst I suspect the continued agitation will win the protesters some concessions, I fear Ahmedinejad will still be in power 6 months from now. What I worry about is that he’ll then seek to consolidate his power through the same old nationalism & anti-Americanism that he used to consolidate his power last time around, resulting in greater antagonism towards the U.S. at a time when Obama’s holding out olive branches. The current ‘softly softly’ approach from the U.S. seems born of an understanding that they need to deal with whoever’s in power when the dust settles, but I think recent events (and Ahmedinejad’s statements in Russia) will make any rapproachment with the hardliners even harder than it seemed before the election.

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