Selected Reading (29-06-09)

June 29, 2009 at 7:35 pm | Posted in Misc. | 1 Comment

For whatever reason, my writing’s been bloody awful for exactly three days now. I’m really not short of things to write about; just the ability to put them across in a way that someone might be able to understand. So until I find where my talent disappeared to, you can click on these:

  • Let’s start with some news which isn’t really news: Britain’s private prisons are performing worse than state-run jails. Who’da thought?
  • Hendrik Hertzberg on the Obama administration & gay rights.
  • Fred Kaplan wonders whether all hell will break loose when U.S. combat troops withdraw from Iraq.
  • Marc Lynch posts on the same topic.
  • In The Root, Suad Abdul Khabeer looks at the deepening ties between Islam & hip hop.
  • Al Giordano reports on the situation in Honduras.
  • A Taliban bigwig admits they screwed-up in Afghanistan.
  • And apparently the Chinese are really getting into polo.

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  1. Kalman has been a secret guilty pleasure of mine for a while now, at least since the Lincoln one. I’d never heard of the Ronchamp Chapel – can you see echoes of UN Headquarters in it?
    Good luck with the writing block. Just have at it.
    Happy Canada Day!

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