Selected Reading (01/07/09)

July 1, 2009 at 7:08 pm | Posted in Misc. | 4 Comments

Y’know what? Autumn and winter are greatly underrated seasons. Here’s some reads:

  • If you’ve graduated from university this year and are now looking for work, you have my condolences.
  • When the governor of Brixton prison admits that his radio station is a ‘Daily Mail story waiting to happen’, this basically means: “this is a scheme that could have a positive impact on both prisoners and society, therefore someone somewhere will try to kill it”.
  • The battle to succeed Kim Jong-il may still be raging.
  • Spencer Ackerman reports on the battle brewing between civil liberties groups & the Obama administration.
  • David J. Smith assesses whether Russia might be planning to have another crack at Georgia.
  • Todd Purdum’s profile of Sarah Palin is not particularly flattering, and has served to rip open old wounds in the GOP.
  • In MotherJones, Andy Kroll asks: how seriously should we consider geoengineering as a solution to climate change?
  • And Al Franken is (finally) the new Senator for the state of Minnesota. Eric Kleefield notes that the response of the Murdoch press was to… well, go a bit apeshit.


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  1. This is my favourite blogpost of recent times (do you read this blog?)

    Also this:

    To be sure, drugs policy is just one long source of bait for my rage.

  2. I am awaiting moderation, preaumably because of the links rather than anything outrageous I may have said :)

  3. I am awaiting moderation, preaumably because of the links rather than anything outrageous I may have said :)

    Yeah, you’ve dumped far worse than that in my comments ;)

    Ta for the links. I do read and often enjoy Heresy Corner, but only go there when someone directs me to a certain post. The reason? I’m always forgetting to add the RSS feed. I would say that I need to get my shit together, but that’s basically true of so many other areas of life…

    The Indy piece was interesting/infuriating. There’s nothing on that ‘legal highs’ list which sounds as enjoyable as an evening on good cider (‘worming treatment for cattle’ or a nice pint of Old Rosie? No contest), but to ban a whole load of pretty crap-sounding drugs strikes me as desperate. They don’t even have nice, catchy, parent-worrying names. I didn’t see nitrus oxide on the list, though; surely, if you’re going to ramp up your prohibition, you’d include laughing gas?

    • Yes, I was going to buy some legal highs just to show this government what I think of them but they do sound a bit toss. I reckon I’ll buy a pair of shorts instead.

      I remember the magic mushrooms being banned, or whatever it was, in 2005. I was at a students’ union meeting. I was one of the very few to vote against No Platform. I also voted to censure the government over this particular outrage. I was the only person there who expressed those two views simultaneously :)

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