Selected Reading (04/08/09)

August 4, 2009 at 1:53 pm | Posted in Misc. | 4 Comments

Not sure whether I’ll find the time to write anything this week or will just subject you all to link dumps. Watch this space, I guess.



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  1. Thought by LP you meant Libertarian Party for a second :)

    • Heh, in that case, maybe the album really is doomed! But fear not, as long as tax is still collected and speed limits still enforced, there will always be an intense hunger for freedom which will lead dozens of people to vote for LPUK.

      If only they could kill UKIP

  2. Aye- 3 dozens!

    Not bad stuff from Larison lately.

  3. Yeah, I liked his post critiquing the Juan Cole article (Ahmadinejad = Sarah Palin) that I linked to a few days back.

    I recall disagreeing with him on Honduras more than I have on any FP issue in quite some time, but it actually helped me firm up my own thoughts on the matter and accept several of his points, like that Zelaya wasn’t a particularly good guy or president and that demanding his return is a lost cause which could result in some painful consequences for that country’s peopole. So my own position was an attempt to accommodate the widely-felt sense that his removal should’ve been condemned (which I still believe) and the more Larison-esque Realism about what should happen going forward.

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