Selected Reading (18/08/09)

August 18, 2009 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Misc. | 4 Comments

This might be my last missive ’til Monday; tomorrow I’m off to Liverpool to meet my brother and after that I’ll have some friends coming round for a few days. So here’s some stuff:

  • Tim Montgomerie has seven defences of political blogging.
  • In the Washington Post, Peter Moskos & Stanford Franklin make another case for legalising drugs. Matthew Yglesias offers a partial critique.
  • If you’ve got an hour to spare, this diavlog between Joshua Foust & Michael Cohen on the future of Afghanistan/Pakistan policy is a useful watch for people wondering what the hell we’re doing there and whether we can win.
  • Speaking of Josh Foust, he’s in Columbia Journalism Review, talking about the Russian/Georgia war, one year on.
  • Brad Plumer wonders whether rooftop wind turbines will ever catch on.
  • Spencer Ackerman points out that Gov. Mike Huckabee’s comments against the two state solution now puts him to the right of Hamas.
  • Back in Blighty, here’s David Wilson on how cuts are stifling some of the good work going on in prisons.
  • And, via asquith, this video of some wingnut shouting ‘heil Hitler!’ at an Israeli might just mark the nadir of the town hall protests.

Maybe I’ll dump some more links during the week, but if not, have a good ‘un.



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  1. Always flattered by someone clicking on my links- I’m still surprised that I’m not totally ignored by the entire human race ;)

    Do you ever read the Rude Pundit? That is one truly magnificent blogger. When it comes to slagging right-whingers off, there’s nothing like him.

  2. What can I say, Twitter just feeds my need for distractions

    I enjoy Rude Pundit and wonder why he’s not taken more seriously as a blogger. I suppose he comes across as more pugilistic & partisan in his writings than the more ‘mainstream’ progressives, but he does have the habit of being right 90% of the time, even if he sometimes hurts Republicans’ feelings. Particularly enjoyed that recent post about killing grandma…

    …Come to think of it, I probably got that from you as well. Tell you what, how about you take over my ‘Selected Readings’ from now on?! I could use the break ;)

  3. Well, I don’t blog meself so I might as well do something useful :)

    Yes, too often people bluster & swear without substance behind their rants. I think this is the main thing that makes people switch off when they hear foul language. But in reality, it’s quite easy to discern what’s behind it, not to mention that good swearing is powerful when deployed rightly, which I think I go half way towards doing, but fall short of the level of Rude Pundit & them.

    Has to be more discernment in my view.

  4. In case I wasn’t clear- I mean those who think all swearing is mindless are depriving themselves of some top-notch stuff, right.

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