Selected Reading (14/11/09)

November 14, 2009 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment
  • You know there’s too much bureaucracy in the world when even Afghanistan’s Taliban has a code of practice. If they keep going at this rate, they’ll be filling out ‘elf & safety forms before too long. Political correctness gone mad, I tell you..
  • Onto feminism, and did you know that the ‘bra burning’ thing was actually a myth? No, me neither. Ariel Levy brings us that and other interesting stuff in a review of Gail Collins’ new book.
  • Matt Yglesias reminds us that the internet is, in fact, good for people who like music.
  • Over at Hagley Road, Claude marks The Sun’s ’40 years of crap’
  • Catherine Phipps tackles the thorny issue of consuming alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Glenn Greenwald points out that the American right is now surrendering to terrorists.
  • Daniel Larison analyses the morass in the Middle East, and focuses on the corner the Obama administration’s boxed itself into.
  • Meanwhile, journalist James Gordon Meek recounts a chance meeting with the President at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • For everyone else who’s devastated that Pluto is no longer a planet, Wired has loads of interesting stuff celebrating the planet which never was.
  • In the latest Class Monitor, Michael Hodges looks at supermarket checkout assistants.
  • And lastly, I know Halloween has been & gone, but Ed Brayton must win a prize for the scariest/sickest headline of the month.

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