Selected Reading (19/11/09)

November 19, 2009 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Misc. | 4 Comments
  • Normally a debate between Michael Gove & Ed Balls would find me rooting for them both to lose, but I must admit that there’s something delcious about this moment. (via John B)


  • Cory Doctorow reckons the govt’s draconian idea of ‘cracking down’ on filesharing could spell the end of the internet in Britain. Ghastly stuff.
  • Sigrid Rausing claims that Uganda is sanctioning gay genocide.
  • 52% of Republicans believe that ACORN stole the last Presidential election. Y’know, the one won by the black dude. In a landslide.
  • LeftOutside discovers that electro smog will kill us all.
  • Daniel Larison disputes the view that Sarah Palin is on the ‘lunatic fringe’. She may be a lunatic, but she isn’t on the fringe.
  • Freedom on the march: suppose it’s not a surprise, but Afghanistan has been called the worst place in the world to be a child.
  • And whilst I’m too much of a terrible blogger to catch this on time, I obviously agree with this entirely.


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  1. I hailed this:

    Those places in that story are all familiar to me*- Walley is my MP &, while I can’t vote for her because she is a prop to Brown, I do appreciate much of her work.

    *Though, if you got the print version- when they showed a picture of a low-rise estate to indicate how shite the area is, I couldn’t actually spot it. I think it could be our rival estate or it could just be some other view that I don’t habitually take in.

    Funny, I’m in the sort of mood where you just want to mock & berate people. Not usual for me. I suppose this is how trolls feel all the time!

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed that. Just goes to show what you can do when:

    (a) You set small, practical, achievable targets.
    (b) Rather than blinding people with science or setting doomsday scenarios, you promote things like cost benefits. The struggling Sports & Social club being a case in point.

    Also, this was a quite surprising paragraph:

    “I have to say I don’t really know very much about this,” says Eddie Dean in the office of the Fegg Hayes Sports and Social Club, which stands in the lee of the decommissioned Chatterley Whitfield coal mine, the first in England to lift a million tonnes. “But obviously it’s a good idea, and if Joan’s backing it, that’s good enough for me. She saved this club, you know; fought tooth and nail so the members could buy it when the coal industry welfare association wanted to close it.”

    These days, I can’t think of too many MPs who’d get a recommendation like that.

  3. Well, if I got one of those “approve/disapprove” things for Walley, I’d approve of her. I won’t vote for her because I have problems with the government. But if we are going to have Labour MPs, in a reduced number, I’d rather they keep her than the tits.

    I haven’t decided who to vote for yet- I was thinking Liberal Democrat, as I agree with some of their business but disagree with others, yet it doesn’t matter because Walley will be re-elected anyway, so I thought it would be good in my minute way to encourage as strong as possible a third-party voice, especially if Camoron wins the next election to argue against any social con & authoritarian policies he follows.

    But my Lib Dem candidate comments on that site, David Jack, & he’s a bit of a knob by all ccounts, so I’m not sure :)

  4. Fegg Hayes Club has got to be within a quarter of a mile of where I lived as a child. But I have never been there. :)

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