Selected Reading (04/01/09)

January 4, 2010 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Misc. | 1 Comment

It’ll be quiet around these parts this week. Deadline from hell.

  • PZ Myers on the connection between American fundamentalists and Ugandan homophobes.
  • In the Washington Post, Carol Graham’s been looking at the economics of happiness.
  • Ed Husain explains why racial profiling is bad AND stupid.
  • Bill Conroy suggests that the Americas’ new year resolution should be to end the drug war.
  • Marc Lynch advises us not to go nuts about Yemen.
  • This is just bloody brilliant.
  • And I have a chat with Bella Gerens in which I almost suggest the abolition of the Department for Children, Schools & Families. Whoops!

Meanwhile, if you’re still after link over this barren week, follow Asquith. He’s where the good reads are.


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  1. Humblest thanks for the hail- I am quite pleased with my tweeting, though I’ve worried that I link to alightly too much stuff a little of which isn’t all that good- but that’s only a minor fringe concern, it’s good basically.

    It is a good feeling to get people buzzing about things, isn’t it? Even though it’s not my own, it’s a pleasure. Also, because linking doesn’t take much time or effort it more or less never stops. I am very positive about Twitter as a medium & won’t hold with those who slag it off. Too many people haven’t grasped the basic fact that it isn’t JUST 140 charachters, it’s also a link to much longer sustained pieces of work- like Unity’s, which you mention, which I always read- I can’t claim to particularly enjoy them but they always have a point & it’s worth ploughing through them for that reason. Some posts need to be long.

    I think the Twitter refuseniks have really got it wrong. It isn’t “I fed my cat” or “I’ve still got a pointless life, as I did 20 minutes ago” it’s “Look, did you notice this excellent post on a blog that is of high quality but not widely read?” but the fact that some people misuse it apparently turns certain types off.

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