Selected Reading (18/07/10): Dick Whittington Edition

July 18, 2010 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Misc. | 7 Comments

I’ll be down in London until Wednesday on my first house hunting reconnaissance mission. It’ll probably end in abject failure, but hopefully I’ll learn something about how to wander around a capital city without getting lost/mugged/kidnapped. In the mean time…

  • Laurie Penny is very cross about the pointless humiliation of Caster Semenya.
  • For those who’ve long suspected that Binyamin Netanyahu has never been interested in peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, now there’s even more damning evidence. Gideon Levy provides commentary.
  • So did you hear that Nestle sent a barge up the Amazon to peddle junk food to Brazil’s poor? Well now they’ve gone and bettered it by fronting a ‘healthy kids’ program in China. You’ve gotta give ’em points for cojones.
  • Just to balance out the corporation bashing, let’s hear it for Unilever. Not only did the makers of Marmite acquiesce to mocking the BNP in an advert, but they then managed to ruin the party for trying to get its own back. Who needs Searchlight when you’ve got Marmite?!
  • Another update from Mexico’s drug war. Don’t read it if you’re worried about blowing your high.
  • Michael Tomasky on Obama & the Democrats’ spot of bother.

And that’ll be it for now. Catch you in a bit.


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  1. Learn from my mistakes: do not use small independent estate agents in London, they are almost all awful liars only out to cheat you – if you do use a small agent google them first; refuse to give money to any agent that can’t prove they use the deposit guarantee scheme; ignore all talk about having to “hurry” to beat the other people interested as that’s just bollocks used to rush you so you make mistakes; look on the CBA website to check the basic minimum furniture etc that landlords have to provide; don’t sign any “deposit contract” that doesn’t explicitly guarantee you a two-week cool down period.

    May sound obvious, but as the unproud loser of over £1000 to dodgy, aggressive, intimidating London estate agents over 2008-9 I would strongly suggest being uber cautious and careful.


  2. Oh, I think I’m exactly the type of person who gets preyed on by these vultures. I’m now even more glad that I’ve found someone willing to be my Moving Adviser.

    Cheers for warning, Paul.

  3. […] The idea that the Prime Minister of Israel wants peace always has been bollocks. His continuous refusal to curb the settlements already pointed to that fact. This just reinforces it. via Neil R […]

  4. Dude, you’re moving to London! I’ve only just seen this, but it’d be awesome to meet up when you’re in Our Fair City. Let me know where/when you’re moving. I’ll show you the sights. :)

    • I reckon that that would be excellent, Laurie. I’ll be moving down in the second week of August, so I’ll get in touch in the next couple of weeks!

  5. Good luck moving to London!
    We moved here from Sheffield 6 months ago- the difference is quite incredible!

    And further to what Paul said earlier, avoid Foxton’s like the plague! They are notorious as utterly shit letting agents who only care about the money…

    • Thanks!

      I’m still a little bit grumpy about moving away from Sheffield, actually, so London better be good! I am NOT impressed by the price of cider!

      I am (fingers crossed) now sorted for somewhere to live, and without resorting to the shit letting agents. Beginners luck, I guess!

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