Selected Reading (09/08/10)

August 9, 2010 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Misc. | 4 Comments

I’ll finally be moving my stuff down to London this weekend, so I’m afraid you may have to make do with a few more of these…


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  1. How bizarre. I rediscovered Regulate just the other day, not the synopsis though.
    When are you going to get Spotify social Neil?

    • I’m not sure about this whole social Spotify thing. Won’t it be annoying & tell Facebook everytime I play a bloody song? I don’t need that shit in my life. If I decide to play Will Smith one evening, I don’t wish people to know about it.

  2. “I’ll finally be moving my stuff down to London this weekend”

    I’ll be moving in around 6 weeks. Where abouts you going to be living? Bloggers booze up required at some point methinks.

    Warren G is legend.

    • I’ll be in Highgate. I obviously picked there because it puts me close to Karl Marx. Well, him and Minty from Eastenders.

      By ‘bloggers booze-up’, I assume you mean ‘Entirely Serious Symposium About The Future of The Left’, right? Let’s just make sure it’s not on a school night!

      But how will you maintain your anonymity? Will you wear a mask? ;)

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