I believe this is known as ‘buyer’s remorse’

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Wow. When your approval ratings are lower than an unhinged demagogue whose sermons include such Kumbaya classics as ‘God Damn America’, ‘America brought 9/11 on itself’, ‘The Government Invented Aids To Kill Blacks’ and ‘All People Who Disagree With Me Are Racist’, it’s probably a good idea to spend more time with your dog than, y’know, any ordinary citizens.

Via Kos, an NBC poll found that more Americans are concerned with John McCain’s links to George W. Bush than they are Obama’s links to Jeremiah Wright.

I presume there won’t be much of this on the campaign trail, then?


Obama’s ‘race speech’ – review round-up

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How we ended up here: as much as it might anger his supporters – and indeed all who wretch when the bar of politics set so low that a body language interpreter could be considered an expert – a theme was developing around the Senator that he just wasn’t patriotic enough. He hasn’t worn enough shit-eating smiles under banners reading ‘No One Loves America better!’, spoken fondly of flogging flag-burners or sung merrily about bombing Iran. Worse, he’s frequently spotted without the standard-issue stars n’ stripes lapel pin and his wife made some awkward statement about having never been proud of her country until her husband started winning primaries. Add this to the Muslim smears and, finally, the Jeremiah Wright controversy and it becomes clear that he’s gradually being painted not just as an unpatriotic man, nor even an unpatriotic black man, but an unpatriotic, angry black man.

I haven’t seen any footage yet, but on paper, at least, it’s a magnificent speech, and one that should fulfil both his short-term goal of drawing a line under the negative stories and his longstanding message of reconcilliation, unity and post-racial politics.

Still, don’t just take my word for it. Below are some reactions from more seasoned politics-watchers than I, both left & right, pro & con.

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