‘Indecent dressing’

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie¬†on Nigeria’s very sinister fashion police:

My friend Funmi Iyanda hosts a talk show on Nigerian TV in which she interviews state governors, actors and pastors. Her social consciousness is crusading without being self-righteous, her journalism intelligent and honest, her mind deeply kind. One day last December, on her way back from Lagos, she was stopped by policemen. They pointed at her knee-length dress and called her a prostitute, a harlot, a useless woman. They told her she was immoral, that women like her were the reason Nigeria was in such a bad state. Other women have no doubt experienced similar harassment, but things will become worse, horrendously so, if the senate passes a bill that would criminalise “indecent” dressing: necklines must be two inches or less from the shoulders, and the waist of a female over 14 must not be visible. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

All so that women don’t ‘tempt’ men into ‘misbehaviour’. In a country ravaged by rape & HIV, it’s a violent hypocrisy. You should read the whole thing¬†and then buy her books; they’re terrific.


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