Performance-related pay

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This is a delicious proposal:

Labour MPs will face “performance-related testing” from one of Britain’s largest unions or risk having their funds cut.

The GMB, which is meeting in Plymouth for its annual conference, is threatening to withdraw funding from a third of Labour MPs because they are not doing enough to support union policies.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Paul Kenny, the union’s general secretary, said that money would be diverted to those MPs who were promoting its policies.

“The intention is not to cut funding overall, it’s to divert it to areas where frankly people are doing a job of work. The government is very keen on testing for everybody – performance-related pay – and we’ve applied in the GMB over the last 12 months the exactly the same principle.” (emphasis mine)

I can imagine a smirk stretching across his face as he said that.

It’s about time: the money the GMB donates to politicians comes from hardworking men & women who earn considerably less than the £60,000 + expenses our MPs currently enjoy, and if they’re not going to attempt to justify their donations by campaigning, advocating and governing on their behalf, then there are many more worthy people and more worthy causes to spend it on.


FAO George Osborne

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If your Dear Leader’s going to waste his days chasing Labour’s mantle as the ‘Party of the Poor’, it’s not a great idea to spend the very next day invoking Thatcher and threatening to further undermine the Unions when they’re fighting for their members’ pensions. This might shock you, but outside of the chino-clad golf clubs of Cheshire, there are some people who don’t like Maggie and a lot of them happen to be the poor people ‘Dave’ wants to ‘stand up for’. So by invoking one of the most divisive ideas of the 80’s to reassure your comrades-in-caviar that you’re not in for all that tie-dye, hoodie-hugging nonesense, you come across as a wee bit… devious.

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