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December 23, 2008 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Misc. | Leave a comment
  • Compared to the last eight years, Hillary Clinton’s ambition of expanding the State Department and keeping it stocked with greater numbers of diplomats sounds almost groundbreaking.
  • At the New Atlanticist, Peter Cassata explains the new military strategy for Afghanistan and ponders whether it stands a chance of success. As does Judah Grunstein.
  • At, Jen Nedeau wonders whether Digg is sexist.
  • Mike McNabb ponders what effect the public’s newfound distaste for government spending will have on politics & policy.
  • Gay Christians are dismayed (but not surprised) to hear that the Pope’s cheerful, loving Christmas message is… you’re all going to hell. Meanwhile, Rowan Hooper points out that ‘his holiness’ seriously misused science in his lecture. Not that anyone should be surprised.
  • David Cox disapproves of Hunter S. Thompson and his whole ‘Gonzo’ journalism shtick.
  • Jason Rosenhouse discusses the Good Book’s ‘terrible texts’.
  • Want to look at some pictures of plankton? Yeah, of course you do.
  • The Guardian/Independent run a few worthy obituaries and related discussions about the great Adrian Mitchell

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